Nowadays, the possibility of a company being involved in litigation is growing exponentially. When corporate procedures are violated, intentionally or unintentionally, companies are exposed to risks and issues that they are not always prepared to handle.

The most frequent cases involve professional negligence, commercial litigation, and administrative, accounting and financial fraud. In all these cases, experts in Forensic Accounting are of vital importance.

PKF Italia team of corporate legal services specialists has extensive industry knowledge and works in the area of financial investigations to facilitate the resolution of disputes.

The international PKF network is also available to provide the necessary assistance in disputes of parties residing abroad.

How PKF can help you?


Our experience in corporate legal services can be used to identify fraudulent acts or professional negligence to identify and prove the evidence of the disputed facts and to optimize the chances of recovery of business resources.


In commercial disputes as well as in our other interventions, our approach is completely tailored to each individual case and this flexibility allows us to be particularly efficient in every service that we offer.


We can offer our clients legal services that require business investigations, reconstructions of complex financial transactions, downloads and analysis of company data, recovery of emails and deleted files.

How we operate

Basic research

Effective solutions are built on solid research.

Our methodology is to collect and analyze all relevant information.

PKF Italia
Preliminary meeting

A preliminary meeting helps to highlight the strengths and weaknesses of each case and to emphasize the points of interest. Often this procedure leads to a quick and effective conclusion.


Our experts have gained experience in auditing, corporate finance, tax e information technology so as to provide the customer with the highest quality of analysis of his case. We can also count on the experience of our international team, which includes people with more than twenty years of forensic experience. The produced analyses conclude with the final report.

PKF Italia

In preparing a report we aim that this should be clear, concise and relevant. Facts and opinions must be clearly differentiated and the sources of such information must be identified.
Each of our reports is customized and not only provides for the quantification of the claim but also the detailed listing of evidence.
Our conclusions can be a valuable support for assistance in negotiations with counterparties. We can provide a support document, the purpose of which is to assist the customer and advise him in negotiations with counterparties.

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